How Can You Prevent Mold Growth in Your Workplace? Insights from a Mold Testing and Removal Company in Long Grove, Illinois

Written by :- Axis Response Group

December 24, 2021

It’s important to have a clean workplace in Long Grove, Illinois — not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to promote good health among your workers. One problem you’ll want to avoid at all costs is mold growth in the workplace.

In indoor spaces, it’s important to be proactive about preventing mold. Below, this mold removal company in Long Grove, Illinois is going to provide some tips that will help you prevent mold growth in your workplace.

First: How does mold grow?

Mold thrives in wet and moist areas. They are classified as fungi, which are neither plants nor animals. Instead, they come from spores that float through the air and attach themselves to moist areas.

Why should you prevent mold growth in your workplace?

Mold can cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, and asthma attacks among your co-workers who are quite sensitive to dust and pollen. In addition, they can sometimes irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Because mold growth poses health risks, it’s important that you try to prevent it from appearing in the first place.

Ways to prevent mold in the workplace

Mold growth sometimes happens, especially if there are moist areas. So, here are some tips on how to prevent it:

  • Prevent moisture from happening. You can’t defeat your enemy if you don’t know how they thrive. Mold emerges from moisture laden areas like leaky pipes or moist windows. They can appear anywhere and on any material that has moisture. To prevent this, don’t allow mold to grow by immediately cleaning up any wet spots in your Long Grove, Illinois workplace. For leaky pipes, hire a professional to fix the leaks.
  • Keep the humidity low. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, and because mold spores appear where there is water, it appears in places with high humidity. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers help lower the humidity levels in your workplace. Keep the level below 50% all day if your dehumidifier has a display screen and controls for the humidity level.
  • Take it out if you are unsure. Molds can grow in places with moisture, and they can even grow on your carpet or any porous material. If you’re unsure about stuff in your home that has been wet or exposed to moisture, it’s always better to take it out to dry. The climate in Long Grove, Illinois, can contribute to potential mold growth in your workplace, so have your carpet and other porous items thoroughly cleaned once exposed to moisture.
  • Hire professional services. If you are unsure how to deal with mold, it would be best to hire the services of experts who can do the job for you. Axis Response Group — the premier mold removal company in Long Grove, Illinois — offers mold removal and can help prevent mold from growing in your workplace. Experts have the proper tools, reliable materials, and expertise to clear your workspace from mold growth. They can also provide you with the proper tips on preventing mold from thriving in your place of work.

Looking for a Mold Removal Company in Long Grove, Illinois?

When it comes to mold, prevention is always better than a treatment. Although there are ways to remove mold on your own, preventing mold from growing in the first place will save you money in the long run.

If you are dealing with a mold infestation in your office or commercial space, there are steps that can be taken to remove the mold from your property. If you’re facing a mold outbreak, and if you’re looking for a professional mold removal company in Long Grove, Illinois, look no further than the experts at Axis Response Group. Contact us today at (847) 998-6811 to learn how we can help.


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