How to Properly Handle and Remove Asbestos: Insights from an Asbestos Testing and Removal Company in Wilmette, Illinois

Written by :- Axis Response Group

December 9, 2021

Asbestos testing and asbestos removal company in Wilmette, IllinoisAlthough you may not even know it’s there, if your home was built prior to the 1980s, there’s a chance that your home could contain asbestos. There were many different construction materials used during this time that contained asbestos, and when these materials deteriorate, they can be harmful to your body.

Asbestos is a substance that should only be handled by trained professionals due to the various health effects it can cause when exposed to the air. As such, instead of dealing with the problem yourself, it’s strongly recommended that you leave these types of jobs to the professionals. Below, this asbestos removal company in Wilmette, Illinois is going to explain how asbestos is properly handled and removed from a property.

What type of substance is asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral characterized as fibrous silicate. It is resistant to heat, so it is sometimes woven into fabrics and used in fireproofing and insulation. In addition, asbestos can be found in building materials like tiles and vehicle breaks.

Heavy asbestos exposure may occur in construction sites in Wilmette, Illinois, especially when there are a lot of repairs and demolitions. It can also be found in a car repair center, where workers handle car parts made of asbestos.

Why is it important to be cautious when handling asbestos?

When asbestos is damaged, the corroded material turns to dust that is too small to be seen with the naked eye. The fine dust can cause harm to the body when inhaled. When asbestos dust builds up in your lungs, it can cause asbestosis, a disease that causes scar-like tissue that diminishes the function in the lungs.

When left untreated, it may cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases like mesothelioma.

How should you properly handle and remove asbestos?

The use of asbestos has been very limited in some areas like Wilmette, Illinois, and there are bans for products that contain asbestos. Alternative products have since been suggested to replace the banned materials. However, old materials containing asbestos may still exist, and they are extremely hazardous when they deteriorate.

  • Identify asbestos that needs to be removed. Asbestos can be contained in building materials or automotive parts. Because asbestos is fire resistant and is a great insulator, it may be found in household materials with these qualities. They can be found in ceiling tiles, vinyl floor tiles, roof shingles, and textured popcorn ceilings for building materials. If you have these materials in your home, you can have a professional test these for any traces of the substance.
  • Wear protective equipment. If there is a tiny amount of asbestos that you would prefer to handle yourself, don’t forget to wear protective equipment like masks, goggles, and coveralls to protect your body from exposure to the asbestos. Also, don’t forget to shower and wash up even after wearing protective equipment, as some materials may still stick to your skin and can cause rashes and irritations.
  • Hire professional services. Handling asbestos should always be done with caution — if mishandled, it can cause a wide range of health problems. It is why it is best to hire an asbestos removal company in Wilmette, Illinois to do the job for you. A professional asbestos removal company in Wilmette, Illinois can handle your asbestos problems safely and efficiently. They have the right tools and expertise to properly handle and remove asbestos from your home or establishment.

Looking for an Asbestos Testing and Removal Company in Wilmette, Illinois?

Asbestos is a substance that should be handled with great caution. If you discover that you have this material in your home, it’s strongly recommended that you leave it alone and contact the professionals as soon as possible.

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