Sand Blasting in Chicago, IL
Sand blasting is an effective way to quickly and thoroughly prepare a surface for painting. The sand blasting and painting processes generate byproducts and must also be carefully contained and removed after the project is complete. Proper cleanup and disposal of excess materials is crucial to preserving the safety of the local water supply, and to avoid spreading pollutants through the space and neighboring properties. Experts who are trained in preparation and environmental cleanup are a necessity to prevent contamination.
Asbestos Building Inspections
Sand blasting creates different kinds of waste, include grit waste and paint chips. Proper containment of the materials for the job involves covering grit piles, using containment doors and ventilation for indoor blasting, and tarps or portable structures for outdoor blasting. Avoiding the random spread of grit all over the property helps to ensure that the grit does not pollute groundwater or soil.
Cleanup is mandatory, and the containment of the site is designed to make it easier. If the grit waste contains toxic components, such as paint chips with anti-fouling agents, it may be classified as hazardous materials and must be disposed of according to state and federal regulations. Keeping the waste materials separated helps to confirm that the groupings are classified properly, and may also lower expenses related to disposal.


Disposal of paints, solvents and oils must be done carefully to avoid violating federal regulations. They may never be dumped into a drain because they can make the water supply toxic. Ideally, spills of these liquids can be easily removed due to proper containment protocol during painting. If an accident happens and paint or other material is spilled improperly, environmental cleanup services may be able to mitigate some of the damage.

Sand blasting and painting are common aspects of construction in industrial and commercial spaces. To learn more about environmentally responsible methods for sand blasting in Chicago, contact us today.