Environmental Assessments in Chicago, IL

Purchasing property for industrial or commercial uses requires careful examination of the environmental considerations related to the land. Before you buy property or begin construction, seek a Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). This detailed analysis will give you information about the condition of the soil and water, as well as possible contaminants for the site.

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What is Environmental Site Assessment?

Environmental contamination of an industrial or commercial space could happen in a variety of ways. Spills or dumping from a previous owner may seep into the soil and groundwater. Hidden tanks on the property may conceal serious problems that could affect the health of anyone working there. Owners or occupants of nearby properties may also pollute the land on neighboring sides. An environmental assessment is conducted by an environmental professional who is qualified to inspect the site and test samples for possible pollutants. Although ESAs are not guaranteed to identify all environmental hazards, they will dramatically reduce your level of uncertainty prior to purchase or building.

Phase I ESA

The first phase of environmental assessment involves the accumulation of general information about the property and its uses. Experts gather public records of the property ownership history, and interview owners, tenants, owners of neighboring properties and relevant government officials. The collection of government information may take weeks, pending approval for access to records and the amount of data requested. Samples also may be gathered during this phase for testing, but that is often reserved for Phase II.

Phase II ESA

If the first phase of environmental assessment reveals possible sources of contamination, a Phase II ESA becomes necessary. Phase II includes the sampling, testing and analysis of the site. An environmental professional will collect samples of soil and water on the surface, soil borings below the surface, soil from catch basins, as well as any materials left in drums on the property. This phase also involves testing the property for any underground storage tanks or buried drums.

The completion of Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments is crucial to informing you about the commercial or industrial property you intend to buy. Contact us today to talk with one of our certified experts or schedule environmental assessments for Chicago properties.