From oil-based paint and car wax to old printers and MP3 players, an unexpectedly large number of everyday materials around your property aren’t safe to dispose of in your ordinary trash. Because these items are so common, many people have difficulty identifying what qualifies as hazardous material — and face even bigger problems trying to figure out how to properly and safely dispose of such hazardous waste around their property.

The team of hazardous material disposal experts at Chicago’s Axis Response Group can help you determine if your waste qualifies as hazardous material and can arrange for safe, cost-effective hazardous material disposal for those hazardous waste items that can’t go in the regular trash.

Hazardous Material Disposal

Identifying Household Hazardous Material

A surprising number of everyday materials around your house can become hazardous if disposed of incorrectly. Often, if a product contains a corrosive chemical, it will qualify as a household hazard material. This includes everything from ordinary household cleaners including tile and shower cleaner, drain clog remover, rust remover and ammonia to automotive cleaning and maintenance products such as motor oil, car polish and wax, antifreeze and gasoline.

Many chemicals used to treat your backyard including pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides and swimming pool chemicals also qualify as household hazardous materials that require special hazardous material disposal. The corrosive materials in used batteries of all types classify them as hazardous, as do the chemicals in a variety of paint products such as spray paint, latex paint, caulk and wood stain and preservative.

Some household products are considered hazardous not due to corrosive chemicals but for other safety reasons. For example, old electronics and related equipment are often classified as household hazardous material, from televisions, computers and cell phones to DVD players, printers and fax machines. Medical waste such as needles and lancets also qualify.

If you’re unsure if something around your home counts as hazardous waste, the experts at Axis Response Group can help you correctly classify the item and determine the correct steps for safe disposal.

Hazardous Material Removal in Chicago

Once you have determined that you have hazardous material requiring special disposal methods, taking steps to keep these materials away from your regular trash is critical. Hazardous liquids should also not be poured down the sink or drain as the dangerous chemicals can contaminate the groundwater or nearby lakes, rivers and streams.

Axis Response Group is well-versed with all regulations and environmental standards surrounding hazardous material removal, and we can ensure that your household hazardous waste is disposed of safely, responsibly and without undue cost. Our qualified and trained technicians have years of experience handling hazardous material disposal in Chicago, and our team of hazardous waste removal experts have a proven track record of dealing with any challenges in transporting and disposing of hazardous waste. Contact us today to learn more about our services and discuss your particular hazardous material removal needs.