Understanding the Different Types of Mold Testing Methods in Hoffman Estates; Insights from a Mold Testing and Mold Removal Company

Written by :- Axis Response Group

July 9, 2019

Mold testing helps in identifying the presence of mold using scientific measurements. This requires that adequate tests be carried out to determine which type of mold is present and in which particular place.

In order to identify the occurrence of mold in your home, office, or warehouse, one needs to be aware of the different mold species and the various testing methods used to identify them.

Here are the different mold testing methods that are commonly used in Hoffman Estates, Illinois:

Viable Air Sampling

The major advantage of viable air sampling is that it allows segregation and identification of mold species with similar appearances and characteristics. Therefore, it is a highly effective technique for comparing the results of different mold counts in particular areas. It offers more information as compared to any other technique for mold collection and testing.

The primary drawback of this method is that it is expensive. Since different types of mold species need different growing conditions, conducting this test for each type of mold species could be time-consuming as well as costly.

Non-viable Air Sampling

The reason that non-viable air sampling is not viable is that it’s impossible to identify the precise number of mold species using this method. In this test, the air is drawn in a plastic slide for a stipulated amount of time. Mold, as well as other particulates, are drawn on the slide during this process. The slide is then observed later under a microscope. The lab attendant carrying out the test will aim to identify the species of the mold that is present, as well as determine the numerical count of the mold species on the slide.

Surface Sampling

If a particular surface is suspected to have mold growth, then surface sampling is carried out to find the extent of the mold infection on the surface. This can also help to identify the mold species. The main focus of the test is on quality (the type of mold) rather than quantity (number of mold species). The test is further divided into sub-categories such as swab sampling, dust sampling, tape lift, and material lift.

Mold Testing Kits

Mold testing kits are another way by which either you or a professional can check for the presence of mold in your home. The question that needs to be addressed is whether there is any difference in the mold testing kit used by a professional and the one available at the local store. To best answer the question, there is a difference, and your best choice would be to use a professional mold testing service.

Professionals rely on a variety of kits to get accurate results. They use calibrated pumps that pull in air and pushes air through the petri dish, as compared to DIY kits that have to be left open for long periods of time to allow gravity to bring the spores to the plate. This makes DIY a tough process since the variables cannot be effectively controlled. This is why more accurate results can be obtained by hiring professional assistance.

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