How Do I Detect Mold in My Home’s Walls?

Written by :- Axis Response Group

March 30, 2018

If you suspect that your home in Evanston, Skokie, Arlington Heights, or beyond might have mold in its walls, contact Axis Response Group. Our experienced environmental contractors serving the Chicagoland area possess the necessary expertise to find and eliminate any mold in your home, including walls.

Why Have a Mold Inspection?

If you think your home has mold, an inspection conducted by trained professionals is vital. And the earlier the inspection is conducted, the better, because the longer mold is allowed to grow unabated, the harder it is to remove. Even more important is the fact that mold can have serious adverse health effects, especially related to allergy sufferers, children, and the elderly.

Mold thrives in dark, moist environments where the temperature never gets too hot or too cold. This makes your home’s walls an ideal spot for mold to propagate. If you live in an old home, or have recently experienced flooding or a water leak, you may be able to smell the mold without seeing it. This is another telltale sign that the mold is lurking somewhere out of sight, i.e. behind a wall.

Another reason for a mold inspection is the fact that where one mold colony exists, usually another two or three are also around. If you see mold on a wall or on the ceiling, it’s very likely that the mold you see has grown through the other side of that wall or ceiling.

Hiring a Professional Mold Inspector

Even the savviest DIY homeowner is better off hiring a professional mold inspector like Axis Response Group. For one, our team is highly trained and understands exactly what’s required to find mold, what equipment is the best to use, and how to stay safe during the detection and removal process. Trying to find and eradicate mold by yourself, especially if it’s hidden behind a wall, could end up costing you excessive amounts of time and money, not to mention pose a potential threat to your health.

Our mold removal specialists use state-of-the-art technologies like hygrometers, moisture meters, infrared inspection, and borescopes, which are fiber-optic probes perfectly suited for locating mold behind walls. All that is required is for us to drill a small hole near the baseboard and insert the borescope through the hole. We can quickly confirm whether mold is behind the wall, and do so without damaging your wall.

The moisture meter is another device well suited for seeking out “hidden” mold. These too have a narrow probe, which we can either insert into a wall or press up against it, allowing us to test various surfaces for moisture, identify especially damp areas, and designate them as probable mold locations. And of course, if the area passes the tried-and-true “sniff test”, we’ll know mold is behind that particular wall.

Our team also wears the latest protective equipment: a mask + respirator to avoid inhaling any mold spores, goggles for eye protection, and gloves because bare skin should never come in contact with mold.

If you’d like assistance with mold removal in Wilmette, Buffalo Grove, Palatine, or beyond, contact Axis Response Group – a leading environmental contractor serving Chicagoland.

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  1. Daniel Michelin

    Thanks for sharing. Mold is not difficult to detect visually. I am sure – each of us has seen black mold in the bathroom, basement or anywhere. It’s a different story when it comes to hidden mold. You can’t do without an expert, an experienced mold inspector. Trust me, it is cheaper to order a professional inspection and eliminate all sources of mold than to deal with its consequences, such as health damage or structural damage to your property.



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