Tips for Finishing or Converting Your Attic

Written by :- Axis Response Group

April 10, 2018

Savvy homeowners are always looking for ways to maximize their home’s living space, and by extension its value. One untapped opportunity for finishing/converting is the attic. Here are some tips from Axis Response Group for completing an attic conversion that’s attractive, inexpensive, and safe.

Heating and Cooling

Depending on the time of year and the age/quality of your home’s insulation, the attic is usually your house’s coldest or hottest room. Thus, finishing/converting and attic takes a lot of strategizing in order to create a livable, comfortable environment.

Insulation plays a huge role in a home’s energy efficiency and comfort, and it should be the first project you attack. It’s likely that you’ll need to increase the amount of insulation, but another option is spray foam, which doesn’t take up as much space as thick fiberglass insulation. Spray foam also easily fills existing joints and creates a nice, tight barrier.

After determining a plan of action for your attic’s insulation, turn your attention to roof windows and skylights. These are important heating/cooling components for your conversion plan because they can exhaust hot air rising up and through the attic space – a process called the “chimney effect”. Windows and skylights also allow you to regulate the amount of fresh air and daylight brought into the attic, depending on the inside/outside climate. Also, you can incorporate solar-powered windows and blinds for cost-efficient lighting.

When it comes down to determining how to heat and cool the space, there are a variety of options that depend on your attic’s size, insulation, # of windows, and other criteria. Your best bet is to speak with a professional HVAC company and devise a game plan.


As most homeowners know, bathrooms are a great investment (returning up to 60% of the initial investment at time-of-sale). If you’re finishing an attic, adding a bathroom is a smart play. Of course, the job is much easier to accomplish if pipes are already present.

If you prefer not to invest in new pipes, one alternative to consider is up-flush plumbing. This plumbing approach permits installation of toilets, showers, sinks, and bathtubs, without the significant construction needs demanded by traditional plumbing pipes. Another advantage to up-flush plumbing is that it’s more flexible than standard plumbing, making it a superb option for the nooks, crannies, and unusual angles found in many attics.

Safety concerns

Mold removal

Many attics are dark, poorly ventilated, and damp – the perfect conditions for mold to thrive. As such, it’s likely you’ll need to include mold removal near Chicago into your attic conversion plan. Mold can harm the human respiratory system and cause severe skin rashes. Plus, its proclivity for feeding on wood and wood studs can damage your home. A small amount of mold on a hard surface can be removed with soap and water. Larger amounts of mold occupying walls, tiles, etc. will require the services of a professional team like Axis Response Group.

Asbestos removal

Many attics in Chicago and throughout the country have been insulated with asbestos. You should have the insulation in your attic tested prior to disturbing it. Our team of professionals will take a sample and test the contents for asbestos. If the insulation is found to contain asbestos we will work closely with you to develop a plan to safely remove the asbestos from your property.

Lead paint abatement

A good rule of thumb is that homes built before 1978 will likely have some level of lead-based paint. There are strict guidelines in place for lead paint abatement near Glenview, and only experienced professionals should address lead paint found in an attic. The entire space must be sealed off, a special respirator and clothing must be worn, and lead paint removal entails a method that eliminates dust. After the project, clothing, tools, and anything else to be removed from the attic must be cleaned first.

Converting an attic is a terrific way to increase your home’s value. In order to capitalize on the above-mentioned tips and to ensure safety throughout the process, contact Axis Response Group for expert support.


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