What Causes Mold Growth in Your Office Building? Insights from a Mold Removal Company in Northbrook, Illinois

Written by :- Axis Response Group

October 9, 2023

Mold removal company in Northbrook IllinoisWhile mold can grow virtually anywhere with the right conditions, certain factors specific to office buildings make them perfect spots for mold to grow. Are you currently dealing with mold growth in your office building, and are trying to figure out the culprit? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This mold removal company in Northbrook, Illinois is going to explore some of the most common causes of mold growth in office buildings below.

Your office has limited ventilation.

Modern office buildings are designed to be energy-efficient, with tight seals to prevent drafts and minimize heat loss. While these designs are great for reducing energy bills, they can also trap moisture inside and create an ideal breeding ground for mold.

To address this situation, you’ll want to ensure that your office space is well-ventilated. You can install exhaust fans in moisture-heavy areas and open windows often to let fresh air circulate in the office and balance indoor moisture levels.

Your office has a leaky roof or faulty plumbing.

Another common reason for mold growth in office buildings is water intrusion due to roof leaks or faulty plumbing. Even minor leaks, if ignored, can produce enough moisture to enable mold growth over time.

It’s best to schedule regular inspections for the office’s roof and plumbing to prevent mold growth from these sources. If leaks are found, fix them immediately and dry the wet zones thoroughly.

Your office is humid.

Regions like Northbrook and its surrounding areas are no strangers to humidity. HVAC systems and even office equipment like photocopiers and printers can add to this humidity, leading to favorable conditions for mold growth.

You can monitor indoor humidity with tools like hygrometers. Ideally, indoor humidity should remain between 30% and 50%. Your mold removal company in Northbrook, Illinois may recommend installing dehumidifiers to maintain balance in spaces where humidity consistently exceeds these limits.

Your office carpeting and ceiling tiles are damp.

Accidental spills, flooding, or leaky roofs can dampen your office carpeting and ceiling tiles, making them susceptible to mold growth. These areas can often remain unnoticed until a mold problem becomes visibly apparent.

It is essential to address any moisture sources quickly to prevent this issue. But if your carpets or tiles remain damp for over 48 hours, it is safer to replace them.

Improper cleanup after water damage.

Whether from a burst pipe or flooding due to extreme weather, water incidents can pose a severe mold threat if not handled correctly and on time. Incomplete drying or a delay in cleanup further worsens the problem.

If you are dealing with significant water damage, it’s best to schedule an inspection with a professional mold removal company in Northbrook, Illinois. They can ensure that every affected area is dried and sanitized correctly and that no residual moisture remains on soaked items like furniture, drywall, or flooring.

There is stagnant water in HVAC drain pans.

HVAC systems can sometimes be culprits in mold growth. Specifically, drain pans designed to collect condensate can be an easy spot for mold to grow if not drained periodically.

Preventing mold growth in this case involves routine checks and cleaning of HVAC drain pans. You should consider incorporating this into your office’s routine maintenance checklist to ensure water does not stay stagnant.

Looking for a Mold Removal Company in Northbrook, Illinois?

The very nature of office buildings — sealed tightly for energy efficiency and full of equipment and activity — means they are prone to conditions favorable to mold growth. But, with the right awareness and proactive care, you can keep your workspace mold-free.

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