How to Prevent Mold Growth on Your Windows During Winter: Tips from a Mold Removal Contractor in Morton Grove, Illinois

Written by :- Axis Response Group

December 24, 2022

Mold removal contractor in Morton Grove IllinoisIf you are a business owner or office manager in the Morton Grove area, chances are, you may have seen mold appear around your windows at some point during the winter months. This is a common problem during the colder months, and it can cause damage to your windows while also negatively impacting your indoor air quality. The good news is that this problem can be managed with the right approach.

Below, this mold removal contractor in Morton Grove, Illinois is going to explain some of the common causes of mold growth around your office windows, and we’ll also provide some tips on how to prevent it this winter.

What Causes Winter Window Mold?

Most older windows are not properly insulated, meaning they can allow condensation to form on the glass or sill. This condensation occurs when there is a noticeable difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, condensation and mold growth can occur during colder months, too. All it takes is moisture for mold to grow and spread.

The main issue with window mold is that it can lead to rotting window frames or walls. Also, mold can still damage the caulk even if you have metal or vinyl frames. Lastly, mold spores can also cause respiratory problems, especially in people with asthma.

Can You Prevent It?

To prevent window mold in your office, your mold removal contractor in Morton Grove, Illinois will recommend reducing the amount of moisture and increase air circulation. This can be achieved by regularly opening curtains and blinds, allowing fresh air to flow near the windows, and increasing sunlight exposure which will help prevent condensation from forming.

If you notice condensation on your windows, be sure to dry them off with a clean towel right away. Additionally, you can further reduce the spread of mold by wiping down the sill, glass, and walls with a solution of water and bleach. The bleach will disinfect the area and reduce the likelihood of mold growth.

Can You Fix It?

An effective way to remove the mold is to mix white vinegar and baking soda with warm water. Spray this solution onto the affected areas and let it sit for five to ten minutes. After it has had time to soak, use warm, damp washcloths to wipe away the mold.

It’s important to properly dispose of the rags once you have finished cleaning. Reusing them can spread mold to other parts of your office, so make sure you throw them away. Finally, your mold removal contractor in Morton Grove, Illinois will recommend spraying the area with the same solution once more and let it dry completely. This helps create a barrier and prevent mold from returning.

Call a Professional Mold Removal Contractor

It’s important to take swift action if you have noticed telltale signs of mold in your office during the winter. Waiting too long can cause the mold to spread and can create health risks for anyone who enters the space. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you call a professional mold removal contractor in Morton Grove, Illinois if your office has more than ten square feet of mold.

Professionals have the necessary equipment and training to properly and safely handle mold. In addition, they can inspect your office for other potential areas of mold growth, helping to prevent further infestations.

By calling in a professional to address the problem, you are taking the best steps to ensure that you, your coworkers, and your customers stay safe from the health risks of mold exposure.

Looking for a Professional Mold Removal Contractor in Morton Grove, Illinois?

Wintertime window mold in your office can cause serious health and structural problems if not addressed on time. Are you currently dealing with mold growth in your office? Ready to have it removed by the top-rated mold removal contractor in Morton Grove, Illinois? If so, Axis Response Group is the company to call. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can quickly and effectively identify, test, and removal all traces of mold in your office building. Contact us today at (773) 427-6811 to discuss your options.


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