Is it Safe to Handle Asbestos Removal on Your Own? Insights from an Asbestos Abatement Company in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Written by :- Axis Response Group

March 24, 2021

Asbestos is a naturally occurring, fibrous material that was commonly used in construction as a building and insulation material between the 1950s and the 1980s. The use of asbestos was banned after research revealed the health hazards that asbestos exposure can cause.

If your Hoffman Estates home was built between this time period, there is a high chance that asbestos might have been used in the construction, and that you might find asbestos in your basement, attic, or garage while carrying out renovations.

Asbestos is harmful once it is disturbed — asbestos fibers can be released into the air, which are harmful if inhaled. Therefore, it is never safe to handle asbestos removal on your own. There are no safe levels of asbestos exposure, so to prevent asbestos from being released into the air, asbestos abatement should always be handled by licensed professionals.

What to Do If You Discover Asbestos in Your Hoffman Estates Home

If you come across any material in your home that you suspect may contain asbestos, do not touch or go near it. Rather, it’s best to isolate the area and contact an asbestos removal specialist. If the material truly contains asbestos, then only professionals who are specifically trained to handle it should be involved in the removal process.

The Risk of Asbestos Exposure

If you attempt to remove asbestos on your own, you’ll put yourself and those around you at serious risk of asbestos exposure. When asbestos fibers are inhaled, it can lead to diseases such as asbestosis, asbestos-related lung cancer, pleural thickening, and mesothelioma.

Asbestos-related illnesses tend to happen over a sustained period of time with extended exposure. Asbestos fibers are about ten times smaller than the width of a human hair, and therefore, they are hard to identify. If you attempt to remove asbestos by yourself, there is a high chance that these particles could be released throughout your home — and once asbestos fibers are released, they are very difficult to get rid of.

The Different Types of Asbestos

There are different types of asbestos. Each type listed below requires a trained professional to remove from your property:

  • Chrysolite (white asbestos): Has a fine texture and was used in roofs, walls, ceilings, and floors of homes
  • Crocidolite (blue asbestos): Has very thin fibers that are brittle. Because it breaks down easily, it is the most harmful form of asbestos
  • Amosite (brown asbestos): Has strong, heat resistant properties and was commonly used in plumbing and electrical insulation
  • Actinolite: Has lightweight fibers, and was commonly used in paints, drywalls, and sealants
  • Anthophyllite: Are grey and brown in color, and were commonly used in composite flooring and products such as talcum powder
  • Tremolite: Is found in different colors, and was commonly used in paints, sealants, and asbestos-containing insulation products

As a homeowner, you should treat any potential asbestos-containing material as a danger. Avoid touching the material, and make sure to stay away from the suspected area until an inspector can test it.

A licensed professional will perform a visual inspection of the area first. An inspector will then remove pieces of material and send the samples to a lab to analyze it for asbestos content. If the samples are found to contain asbestos, the inspector will suggest the next steps, which will likely involve the complete removal of asbestos from the area.

Looking for a Professional Asbestos Removal Company in Hoffman Estates, Illinois?

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