Winterizing Your Home for Mold Prevention: Insights from a Morton Grove Mold Testing and Mold Removal Company

Written by :- Axis Response Group

December 9, 2020

With winter around the corner, and the air beginning to get a lot cooler, most homeowners are preparing their homes for the colder months ahead. The term ‘winterizing your home’ refers to more than just clearing up fallen leaves and storing away the lawn furniture. Winter is also the time to prepare and protect your home against the elements that contribute to an increase in moisture levels, thereby increasing the chances of mold.

In this post, we’ve compiled some tips to help you keep mold at bay in your Morton Grove home:

Measure Humidity

It is essential to make sure the humidity in your home remains at optimal levels. Ideally, this should be between 30-40%. Water particles present in the air can land on the walls and combine with dirt and dust, creating a favorable environment for mold growth. It is best to occasionally open the windows to let fresh air inside the house, which can help reduce the overall moisture levels. Alternatively, you may also need to use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air.

Keep Your Home Clean and Dry

To prevent mold growth, it is best to eliminate any substances that mold thrives upon. First, avoid dirty and wet indoor conditions to prevent mold growth. Second, be vigilant about water accumulation and condensation at the windows. It’s best to immediately dry the windows, as water can run down the frame, leading to favorable mold growth conditions. Third, keep areas such as sinks and bathrooms clean and dry after use. Lastly, ensure that there is no organic material — such as cardboard, sofas, upholstery, curtains, or any other materials that may be stored in the attic — that may be susceptible to moisture.

Ensure There Are No Leaks or Floods

During the winter, the pipes inside the home can freeze as a result of extremely low temperatures. This can be avoided by making sure all the pipes are well insulated. Also, make sure that your downspouts are long enough to carry rainwater and snowmelt away from the foundation of the home. If you notice that the foundation is cracked, then groundwater is likely to enter. In this case, we recommend that you repair the cracks and install a sump pump to expel any water that may seep into the home.

Maintain Good Airflow

It is vital to have fresh airflow throughout the house. For this, you’ll want to have your air ducts regularly cleaned, and most importantly, ensure that there is adequate ventilation in the attic. It is also recommended that you always switch on the exhaust fan while showering and cooking to filter the moist air outside of the home.

Inspect Your Home Regularly

It’s important to be vigilant about the openings and doorways that lead to the outside of your home. You should take some time to inspect your home with a prepared checklist. Your checklist should include items such as:

  • Check the seals of the attic hatch
  • Check the durability of the attic insulation
  • Check the insulation of the exhaust duct
  • Check any venting and pipes that run from the house to the outdoors
  • Check the plumbing for any leaks

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