Four Steps to Attic Mold Removal in Schaumburg; Insights from a Schaumburg Mold testing and Mold Removal Company

Written by :- Axis Response Group

November 9, 2019

A major mold infestation can not only ruin your home, but it can have a drastic effect on your health and well-being. Attic mold is a silent foe, but the threat could be equivalent to a family of rodents living in your home, or even worse.

One of the basic causes of attic mold is poor ventilation. Temperature fluctuations can cause condensation, and with no way to naturally dry out the area, your attic can become an easy breeding ground for mold.

Attic mold can range in color and appearance, and while not all mold is harmful, you still can’t simply scrape off the fungus from ceilings, walls, and attic material without running the risk of inhaling or spreading the mold spores.

In this post, we are going to cover four steps to effectively remove attic mold from your Schaumburg home:

1. Locate the Source of Moisture

Mold is able to grow on any organic substance in the presence of moisture. It is, therefore, highly essential to investigate the source of moisture. Look around for any spots where water might be able to creep into the attic.

Often times, mold might not be immediately visible, and therefore, finding the source of moisture can help you find the location of mold growth.

2. Create a Remediation Plan

Once the mold has been located, document the mold situation in writing and include photos and videos from the attic. This will be beneficial for two reasons: you could either use it to create your own remediation plan, or you could get a quote from a mold removal company that will create the remediation plan for you.

The remediation plan will contain details about the project such as start date, end date, remediation team deployed, the process used, and testing that will be done. It may also have other details such as temporary relocation of residents, and liability/warranty for the work performed based on the extent of mold contamination.

3. Calculating the Extent of Contamination

Mold reproduces by spreading its spores, which then multiply and grow in different areas. Therefore, mold contamination is not likely to be contained to one location—it is usually more spread out. Your goal should be to determine the extent of contamination you’re dealing with, and in most cases, this step is best left to professionals.

Mold removal experts have specialized equipment and extensive experience in collecting and analyzing mold samples. A licensed professional can help to identify the species of mold, as well as the level of contamination. This will help you determine the exact steps you should take to restore a mold-free attic in your home.

4. Remove the Mold

Remediation involves two basic things. First, it involves cleaning up the current mold build-up, while at the same time, avoiding exposure to residents. Secondly, it is important to curb any future growth by eliminating the moisture source.

Based on your calculations of the contamination, you may need to use set guidelines to remove the mold.

The basic steps required include:

  • Isolate the contaminated area
  • Remove all mold-containing materials
  • Place materials in a plastic bag
  • Clean the affected area
  • Dry the materials
  • Repair and replace materials

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