Asbestos Testing and Removal Precautions and Safety Tips in Mount Prospect

Written by :- Axis Response Group

August 24, 2019

Asbestos containing materials (ACM) do not pose a grave danger as long as they are not tampered with, i.e. they are not disturbed or broken. However, if you notice that there are parts of the ACM that have started to become exposed, it’s highly recommended that you have the asbestos removed from your property immediately.

In Mount Prospect, there are no laws that restrict a homeowner from removing asbestos from his or her residency. However, it is advisable that you hire a professional to remove asbestos.

Here are some of the precautions and tips that should be taken when working with asbestos:

Precautions When Working with Asbestos

  • The professionals working on the project should be aware that they are handling asbestos, and they should be adequately trained to perform the task
  • The personnel should wear a mask and the appropriate safety equipment when working on asbestos removal
  • The ACM is kept wet prior to starting the work so that the fibers do not become airborne
  • ACM should be disposed of in one piece as much as possible
  • Avoid the use of power tools unless absolutely necessary
  • Keep the site clean and tidy at the end of the day
  • Dispose of all waste in polythene bags

Safety Tips When Working with Asbestos in Mount Prospect

  • A risk assessment must be carried out and a method statement documented that lists how the work will be completed
  • Inform the neighbors of the dates of the project so that they can keep a safe distance from your property
  • Care should be taken that a minimal number of people should enter the work area
  • Ensure that the personnel working with asbestos wears a recommended respirator
  • The professional should wear disposable shoes and a suit to reduce chances of contamination when re-entering the house. Since asbestos has been known to cause heart and lung cancer in the long run, it is vital to wear personal protection equipment when working on the site.
  • Do not scrub, water-blast, or use brushes or brooms, as this could lead to the asbestos becoming airborne
  • Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking in the work area, as you might inhale asbestos dust or fibers on the site
  • Don’t let fibro sheets drop. Instead, gently put them to the ground to minimize breakage
  • Reduce the chance of any material breaking apart, as this will result in asbestos fibers becoming airborne. So, for example, if the roof needs to be brought down, set proper drop cloths so that asbestos debris is not released into the rest of the home.
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner meant for daily household cleaning. Instead, use specific cleaners that have attachments so as not to release dust or allow asbestos dust to escape
  • Dampen dust with mist and avoid dry sweeping, as this can stir up dust
  • All removed asbestos should be disposed of at a recommended site in leak-tight bags
  • Ensure that everything used for the abatement of asbestos is disposed and not kept for re-use
  • After finishing the work, it’s important to wash body parts and primary tools thoroughly to ensure that there are no residual fibers of asbestos left that can contaminate the air

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