Three Easy Ways to Carry Out Bathroom Asbestos Removal in Highland Park

Written by :- Axis Response Group

August 9, 2019

Asbestos was commonly used as a construction material in the mid-1990s due to the fact that it was known for being durable and fire resistant. In addition to that, asbestos is also a very good insulator, and was therefore used in places that faced extreme temperatures. Asbestos helped to keep the harsh winter and summer temperatures at bay.

However, in the long run, it was found that asbestos did more harm than good. Exposure to asbestos was found to be one of the causes of heart and lung cancer. At that point, it became highly recommended that asbestos be removed from all areas of the home. One such important place is the bathroom.

Asbestos was commonly used in the bathroom primarily due to its water-resistant properties. Asbestos in the bathroom is likely to be found on walls, floors, and fittings. It was also sometimes used to make bathtubs.

For safety reasons, it’s important that you hire a professional to remove asbestos from your bathroom. Additionally, allowing limited access to the working area will also reduce the risk of asbestos contamination spreading throughout the home.

Asbestos can be removed from your bathroom in Highland Park in one of the following three ways:

1. Water Injection and Saturation

In the water injection and saturation method, thick asbestos is fully soaked in water. Asbestos is likely to be present beneath the bathroom floor. A water jet that has inlets and outlets of water is used to inject water directly into the asbestos by using a special injecting head. This saturates the asbestos with water. As with any other tool that comes in direct contact with asbestos, the injector head is later disposed of with the rest of the asbestos waste.

2. Dry Removal Method

One of the best practices of asbestos abatement is that asbestos must be made wet before removal. However, the dry method of removal may be used if the bathroom area is enclosed partially or fully. Alternatively, if the bathroom area is surrounded with good conductors of electricity and live wires, then it is recommended that the dry method of asbestos removal be used to avoid the risk of electric shocks or accidents.

3. Wet Removal Method

The wet removal method is the prescribed method for asbestos removal because it reduces the chances of asbestos fibers becoming airborne. Water is used under very low pressure to minimize the formation of any dust or debris. Often, a detergent is also added to the water to increase the absorption rate of water by the asbestos sheets. Before beginning to do the work, the bathroom surface should be wet and remain wet throughout the process.

Asbestos is a very harmful substance and can be found in your bathroom hidden underneath beautiful tiles, the ceiling, and even wallpaper. Therefore, great care should be taken to ensure that you catch this harmful substance before it’s too late.

Asbestos is known to cause lung cancer and heart-related problems. This is why the handling of asbestos should always be done with a lot of precaution, and standard procedures must be followed to avoid inhaling its harmful fibers. It is wise to always seek the help of a professional for asbestos abatement.

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