Why Mold Remediation in Arlington Heights, Illinois is Important

Written by :- Axis Response Group

August 9, 2018

Do you notice mold growing on your basement walls? Do you tend to just write this mold off as an unsightly nuisance, and then move on with your life? If so, you’re making a mistake.

Mold is not just unsightly, it’s toxic as well. While mold exposure does not typically lead to death, it will typically lead to sickness of some kind. This is why mold remediation in Arlington Heights, Illinois is so important.

Curious about the negative effects of mold? Read on!

Mold Exposure Can Cause Rashes to Form

A minor, yet annoying effect of mold exposure is the forming of rashes. If mold spores are floating around your home on a regular basis, your skin is almost certainly going to come into contact with them.

While not all individuals will form rashes after coming into contact with mold spores, many will. These rashes will not only be unsightly, but itchy and irritating as well. Should you scratch these itches and break skin, it could even lead to an infection. This, in turn, can lead to severe allergy symptoms.

Mold Can Cause Eye Infections

Just as mold spores can make their way onto your skin, they can also make their way into your eyes. When mold spores do make their way into your eyes, your eyes run a high risk of becoming infected.

Eye infections can be miserable, causing not only redness and itchiness, but severe eye-watering as well. There is also a good chance that an eye infection will cause you to become congested.

Mold Can Cause Throat Irritation

When being exposed to mold, there is also a good chance that your throat will become irritated. In some cases, this irritation can become so extreme that you have trouble breathing or swallowing.

This isn’t to say that all people will experience throat irritation after being in close contact with mold. However, those with asthma or allergies typically will. For affected individuals, this irritation could last until the mold has been removed entirely.

Some are Allergic to Mold

The simple fact of the matter is that some individuals are allergic to mold. If these individuals are exposed to mold on a regular basis, they are probably going to be living in a world of misery. This is why it’s so important to rid your home of even trace amounts of mold.

Common symptoms of a mold allergy include sinus congestion, itchy eyes, sore throat, dry skin, watery eyes, and more. In some cases, mold allergy symptoms can become so bad that the affected person feels like he or she is perpetually suffocating.

Mold Can Make Your Home Look Awful

If you’re a homeowner, you likely want your home to look as good as possible. Want to know one of the easiest ways to make your home look awful? By letting mold grow all over it.

The presence of mold is quite the opposite of a positive decorative statement. Whether it’s growing on your walls, your floors, your ceilings, or otherwise, it can easily ruin your home’s overall aesthetic.

Want to completely get rid of mold? If so, it’s recommended that you utilize professional mold remediation services.

Utilize Professional Mold Remediation in Arlington Heights

Want to get rid of the toxic and unsightly mold in your home? Looking to utilize professional mold remediation in Arlington Heights? If so, Axis Response Group has you covered.

Our team of mold removal specialists will eliminate all traces of mold within your home, preventing it from regenerating and spreading.

Contact us right now to schedule an appointment!

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