How to Keep Your Home Safe from Mold

Written by :- Axis Response Group

July 10, 2018

At best, mold is a nuisance. More often, mold is a destructive force which not only ruins the aesthetic of your home but poses a serious health hazard as well.

It’s for this reason that you should protect your home from mold. The question is: how exactly do you prevent mold from appearing in your home in the first place?

Below, we’ll discuss mold prevention measures to undertake in Palatine, Illinois.

Reduce Moisture

There are specific conditions under which mold thrives. In most cases, mold will grow where there is darkness, where there is warmth, and where there is moisture. Moisture, in particular, causes mold to spread.

It’s for this reason that homeowners should take all possible precautions in order to reduce the amount of moisture in their home. Not only is it good to reduce moisture caused by humidity, it helps to reduce the amount of groundwater which seeps into your home as well.

An air conditioner or dehumidifier will typically work to eliminate excess moisture in the air. But what can be used to stop the inward flow of groundwater?

A number of different steps can be taken to waterproof your home, preventing home water seepage in the first place. Not only can you install a waterproof membrane around the outside of your basement walls, you can install a sump pump, drain tiles, or other water-draining entities as well.

Clean Regularly

Another key to preventing mold buildup in your home is to clean as regularly as possible. Wiping mold away from your walls in its early stages will help prevent it from spreading. Once mold starts to spread, it can become a major problem.

If you don’t detect any mold in your home, you can simply clean with soap and water. This should work to prevent any mold from sprouting up on your floors and walls.

However, if you have detected mold in your home, you’re going to need something much more powerful than soap and water. In cases such as these, it’s recommended that you use something like vinegar, ammonia, or even bleach.

Call in the Professionals

Has mold already formed in your home in a major way? Is it all over your basement, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom walls? If so, it’s highly advised that you call in a professional mold remediation service in Palatine.

Such a service will be able to test for trace amounts of mold, then ensure that each and every mold spore is removed from your home. This will prevent mold from regenerating and spreading all over your house again.

Once the service has removed all of the mold and re-tested for its existence, it will undertake preventative measures to ensure that your home never has to deal with unsightly and harmful mold outbreaks again. This can include creating better ventilation in your home and installing implements that serve to remove excess moisture from your home.

Again, if you’re experiencing a mold outbreak, it’s highly recommended that you utilize a professional mold remediation company.

Utilize Mold Remediation Services in Palatine, Illinois

Interested in utilizing the services of a mold remediation company in Palatine, Illinois? If so, we here at Axis Response Group are the people to call. For decades, the residents and businesses of Palatine and the surrounding communities have trusted us to test and remove mold.

Our team of mold remediation specialists uses a number of sophisticated techniques to not only remove mold, but to identify its existence as well. We’ll have your home mold-free in no time.

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