Do I Need Asbestos Abatement in Schaumburg?

Written by :- Axis Response Group

July 24, 2020

Asbestos abatement covers a number of services that help prevent exposure to asbestos. Prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers is known to cause serious illnesses, such as cancer and even death. Therefore, it is essential to carry out asbestos inspections and tests — especially before purchasing an older property, or if you suspect that asbestos on your current property has been exposed.

Asbestos testing and inspections are very thorough tests that are lab certified, and they need to be completed before any asbestos is removed. Only after following proper asbestos testing and inspection procedures would you be able to find out where asbestos materials are located on your Schaumburg property.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most commonly asked questions related to asbestos abatement:

What are the most important things I need to know about asbestos removal?

  • If you live in a home built after 2000, it is unlikely that asbestos was used in its construction
  • Asbestos material, if in good condition, is generally not an immediate threat, as it cannot release fibers into the air
  • If you think your property may contain asbestos materials, avoid any activities such as drilling, sawing, scrubbing, sanding, etc. that may break open and expose the asbestos

Where might asbestos be in a home?

Asbestos was known to have very good insulation properties, and it was often used as a building material in the insulation of ducts and pipes. It could also be found in walls, ceilings, roof shingles, siding, and flooring tiles.

How does asbestos become a hazard?

Asbestos becomes a major concern when it is airborne. This can happen if the asbestos fibers are damaged in some way. For example, asbestos fibers are released when asbestos insulation around the pipes deteriorate. Also, if the tiles are old or the ceilings are in poor condition, movement of air from ceiling fans could spread asbestos fibers.

How is an asbestos inspection performed?

At first, a visual inspection is performed. However, that is usually not enough to determine if the property contains asbestos. Therefore, samples of suspected fibers are collected and sent to a certified laboratory for analysis and confirmation.

What if asbestos presence is confirmed on my property?

If asbestos presence is confirmed, the next big question is where it is located on your property, and whether it is friable or non-friable. The term “friable” refers to asbestos fibers that can easily be broken down or crumbled to a powder, meaning they can become easily airborne. On the other hand, non-friable asbestos is more tightly bound and cannot easily become airborne unless it is disturbed.

What are the types of asbestos removal?

Asbestos removal falls under two categories: commercial and residential. Residential asbestos removal is vastly different from commercial. Residential asbestos removal can generally be completed in a day or two, whereas commercial asbestos removal takes longer.

What is the procedure after asbestos abatement is completed?

After the asbestos is removed, the area is inspected once more by a certified asbestos abatement professional to ensure that all asbestos is removed, and that the area is safe to inhabit again.

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