Removing Asbestos on Your Own: Is it Feasible?

Written by :- Axis Response Group

January 24, 2019

If you have asbestos in your home or commercial building, it’s highly advised that you have it removed. After all, asbestos is an extremely harmful substance, one that can lead to death over the long-term.

The question is: how should asbestos be removed? Should you do it on your own, or should you utilize the services of a professional asbestos removal company in Long Grove, Illinois?

Below, we’re going to answer that very question. Let’s begin.

Understanding Asbestos Regulations

You might not know it, but there are laws in place that dictate who can and can’t remove asbestos from particular types of buildings. Therefore, depending on the type of building that you’re removing asbestos from, you might not even be allowed to remove it yourself.

The federal law states that, in commercial buildings, it’s required that a certified asbestos removal company handles the task. You are not legally allowed to remove asbestos from a commercial building without the proper training and licenses.

When it comes to residences, on the other hand, there are no federal regulations in place. You can remove asbestos from your home on your own regardless of whether or not you’re properly licensed.

It’s important to note, however, that your municipality could have its own laws on asbestos removal. Before starting the project, we recommend talking with your city officials.

Risks of DIY Asbestos Removal

Though most asbestos-related conditions come about due to long-term asbestos exposure, short-term exposure can sometimes bring on the same effects. In essence, if you remove asbestos on your own, you are putting yourself at risk of asbestos-related conditions.

Below, we’re going to discuss the specific conditions associated with the substance. These conditions involve both the lungs and the heart.

Lung Conditions

Most typically, asbestos exposure is connected to lung conditions. This is because asbestos particles are breathed into the lungs, causing irreparable damage over time.

The less extreme lung conditions associated with asbestos exposure are pleural effusion and asbestosis. Pleural effusion involves fluid buildup in the lungs, resulting in severe cough, shortness of breath, and discomfort. Asbestosis doesn’t involve fluid buildup, but carries the same general symptoms as pleural effusion.

The more extreme lung conditions associated with asbestos exposure are lung cancer and mesothelioma. These conditions often arise from both pleural effusion and asbestosis, and typically carry the same general symptoms. The difference, of course, is that mesothelioma and lung cancer are deadly diseases.

Heart Conditions

There has been evidence to suggest that asbestos exposure results in increased risk of stroke and arterial disease. In essence, if you breathe in enough asbestos, your chances of cardiovascular disease increase significantly.

Protecting Yourself During Removal

If you decide to remove asbestos on your own, it’s important that you prioritize safety. Breathing in airborne asbestos particles can be severely damaging to your health. It is wise to take the proper precautions.

Before you begin, you should isolate the area from which asbestos is being extracted. This will prevent asbestos particles from floating into other areas of the building.

It’s also recommended that you wear the proper protective clothing. Goggles, boots, gloves, a mouth protector, and coveralls will help you avoid direct exposure.

Make Use of Professional Asbestos Removal in Long Grove

Would you rather forego DIY asbestos removal? Interested in utilizing professional asbestos removal in Long Grove, Illinois? If so, Axis Response group has you covered.

Licensed, insured, and experienced, we have removed asbestos from a great number of homes throughout the Long Grove area. Regardless of the extent of your asbestos problem, we can handle it for you in a safe, efficient, and professional manner.

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