Factors to Consider when Hiring an Industrial & Commercial Debris Cleanup and Removal Service

Written by :- Axis Response Group

May 7, 2018

If you’re in need of industrial or commercial debris removal near Chicago, Axis Response Group is the company to call. Our collective decades of experience in this field translate to an execution that is professional, fast, and budget-friendly. Here are seven factors to consider when hiring an industrial and commercial debris cleanup and removal service.

Experienced and Certified

The last thing you need is to have your industrial/commercial debris cleanup and removal handled by inexperienced amateurs. The right company is one whose crew is trained, certified, and possesses a proven track record. To this last point, it’s wise to research a company via websites like the Better Business Bureau and confirm the company’s quality of work, customer service skills, and ability to remove all debris safely and completely, with nothing left behind.

Clear, Competitive Pricing

The best debris removal companies offer pricing that’s competitive and easy for the customer to understand. Price should be based on the volume or amount of space filled up in the company’s truck(s), and not by the hour or based on the weight of the debris.

Plentiful Resources

Can the debris removal company handle any size job at any type of location? Can the company execute at multiple locations? These are important questions to ask. An established debris removal firm like Axis Response Group possesses all of the necessary equipment, tools, and vehicles to tackle a variety of debris removal jobs – from large jobs requiring dumpster drops to city-based jobs that require navigation of narrow streets.


Most people seeking quality debris removal service want their debris gone sooner rather than later. A clear sign of an experienced company is the speed at which it moves from the first contact with the customer to the time when all debris is removed and the site is cleaned up. The best debris removal companies can coordinate removal and clean-up within 1 – 2 days of the customer’s initial call.

Everything Goes

Along with a debris removal company’s speed and efficiency, flexibility and “everything goes” capabilities are vital. For example, if you ask a company what type of debris they take, the answer should be “It’s quicker to tell you what debris we don’t take”. For your project, you want a firm that will accept all kind of debris, no matter the shape, size, or quantity.

Disposal Process

When seeking out a debris removal company, choose the one with the best disposal process. The process should apply to hazardous and non-hazardous materials, and it should be eco-friendly. Ask each company about their relationships with landfills and recycling centers, and ensure that the company can tell you exactly what will happen to your debris.

Attention to Clean-up

Sometimes quality clean-up gets lost in the debris removal process; after all, a common first reaction is relief that your debris piles are finally gone. A top-notch debris removal company puts as much effort into clean-up as it does in removal, confirming that your property is swept, cleaned, and ready for you to reuse once the debris is removed.

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