How to Handle Asbestos Removal during a Renovation

Written by :- Axis Response Group

January 30, 2018

If you’re planning an asbestos removal project in Palatine, Buffalo Grove, or Glenview, contact Axis Response Group. Our seasoned team is fully licensed to handle asbestos removal efforts of all sizes, and our certifications cover all required personnel, from IDPH-licensed asbestos workers to an IDPH-licensed asbestos Project Manager and an IDPH-licensed asbestos Supervisor.

There are several steps required for asbestos removal during a renovation, and our environmental contractor in Glenview is well-versed in all of them. We’ll cover these steps here, with a preface regarding asbestos’ dangers.

The Dangers of Unqualified Asbestos Handling

Asbestos, classified as a “known carcinogen”, possesses exceptionally toxic properties. For this reason, it should never be handled by anyone other than a professional. When in solid form and “good” condition, asbestos is rather benign. However, old, damaged asbestos that flakes off and becomes airborne can cause significant health issues when inhaled. These toxic fibers embed themselves in a person’s chest, leading to serious diseases like asbestosis, or the better-known mesothelioma.

How to Handle Asbestos Removal During a Renovation

Whether you’re engaging in a residential or commercial renovation project, there’s an established procedure employed by environmental contractors like Axis Response Group that ensures any asbestos is removed safely:

All rooms/areas where asbestos is detected are sealed off with polyethylene “curtains” secured with duct tape. Negative air pressure machines fitted with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters are useful too, as these machines bring fresh air into the affected area and prevent asbestos fibers from escaping.

All furniture, carpets, and belongings are moved out of the room. For residential removal, if the affected area(s) are close to bedrooms, we recommend relocating these bedrooms until our work is finished. Depending on the scope of the asbestos problem, your family/employees may need to temporarily relocate to an entirely different place.

Once the room is cleared and sealed, our technicians will assess the situation and devise a plan for asbestos removal. While this is happening, our technicians utilize protective clothing and respirators to protect themselves, especially in instances when asbestos is confirmed to be airborne.

If we find that the asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in your home or workplace are undisturbed and have not yet given rise to a dust cloud, we’ll cover the ACM in wet rags so that the ACM is unable to convert itself into dust. If dust is present, our team utilizes special vacuum cleaners, designed specifically for asbestos containment, for removal and post-removal cleanup. A standard vacuum cleaner, even one fitted with a HEPA filter, is inappropriate for cleanup, since such vacuums force asbestos fibers into the air, rather than containing them.

All asbestos, whether in dust form or unbroken, is placed in special bags and brought to an area specifically designated by the Illinois EPA for asbestos disposal.

When asbestos removal is required during a renovation, the importance of hiring a qualified environmental contractor cannot be understated. Axis Response Group, serving the greater Chicagoland area, is the company to call.



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