You spend most of your time inside your Skokie home, but is it keeping you safe? Our services in environmental testing and remediation can help ensure a healthier home.

Mold Testing

If any part of your home gets more humid than the ideal, such as the kitchen or bathroom, you may have mold growing in the walls and your vents. You may not know your Skokie home has a problem until you request mold testing from a company like Axis Response Group. Mold, especially black mold, can cause allergies or other lung disorders if left to thrive. Mold removal can eliminate the mold growth, but you need an expert to do a comprehensive job.

Hazardous Material Removal

Many people living in Chicago suburbs like Skokie do not know what to do with all the extra cleansers and solvents they have that they no longer need. There is a reason you cannot simply throw corrosive batteries in the trash, or pour paint down the gutter drain. These materials can become hazardous when they are disposed of improperly, by corrupting the water supply or even the air we breathe. Hiring us for hazardous material removal helps get this waste out of your home, without compromising your health.

Asbestos Testing and Removal

Asbestos insulation was preferred for decades because it is strong and flame-retardant. However, it also causes serious lung conditions if you breathe it in. If your Skokie home or business has asbestos, you must have it removed carefully to avoid stirring the asbestos fibers into the air. Proper asbestos removal eliminates the contaminant and also the threat that settled asbestos might be disturbed.

Lead Testing and Removal

If your home is over 40 years old, it may have some portion of lead paint still in the building. If this paint flakes off and is ingested, your family may suffer effects ranging from cognitive developmental delays to anemia. Since lead paint can be covered over by other types of paint, you need lead testing before you can arrange for it to be removed.

You deserve protection from pollutants that may be hiding in your Skokie home or business. For testing and removal of hazardous materials, contact Axis Response Group for a consultation.