The presence of environmental hazards in your residence or business can have effects that extend far beyond your Evanston property lines. Beyond risking your health and safety, pollutants can leach into the water or spread on the air to cause problems all over the region. Axis Response Group can help you to mitigate the damage environmental contaminants pose to you and the properties surrounding you, with professional environmental testing and remediation.

Hazardous Material Removal

Inside your home or business may lurk a number of potential environmental contaminants. From household solvents and cleansers that you do not know how to handle, to asbestos insulation that could cause serious health problems if disturbed, you need to know that you can have these pollutants taken away from your space and disposed of properly. We provide a full range of services in Evanston, including asbestos testing and removal, building inspection and environmental assessment for construction.

Lead Testing and Removal

Standards for construction change over time, which means that some products once considered safe and useful are now considered dangerous. Lead is a good example, as a primary component in many paint products for Evanston homes built up to the 1970s. Although municipalities have made efforts to raise awareness, many older homes still have lead paint on the walls and exterior. You may not be able to identify lead paint in your home, calling for professional lead testing and removal.

Mold Removal

The presence of mold is a hazard to your health, as well as your investment. Mold can be complicated to identify and eliminate, especially since it prefers to grow in dark, humid areas of a building. Mold accumulation may cause health problems ranging from asthma to headaches and worse. To protect your Evanston home’s value and prevent permanent health complications, you should arrange for mold testing and removal as soon as you notice a mold problem.

Soil Remediation

The trouble with a lot of pollutants and toxic substances is that they can spread from one place to another. Lead pipes leach into your drinking water, and lead paint on your exterior might run into the soil that remains on the property. If you do not have the soil tested at various points of your Evanston property, you may have no idea what kinds of contaminants are infiltrating your water supply, your garden, even your skin as you work or play outside. Soil testing and remediation is the key to ensuring your family’s safety inside and outside.

Keeping your Evanston building safe or preparing for structural improvements sometimes calls for environmental testing and hazardous material removal. Contact Axis Response Group for guidance and remediation services before your next home improvement project.

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