We are proud to meet Chicago’s environmental contracting needs. We work with residential, commercial and industrial clients and are certified and licensed in a number of fields. The services our highly trained technicians provide include:

Mold Testing and Cleanup

When you have mold in your home, it can damage your possessions and the structure of your home and can even make you ill. Most people who experience health issues from mold already have underlying healthy problems such as allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. However, toxic black mold can cause serious symptoms even in people who do not have mold allergies.

We provide the mold testing Chicago homeowners need to determine the type of mold in their homes and how to deal with it. We can tell you the strain, help you identify the source and thoroughly remove mold and spores from your home.

Soil Testing and Remediation

In urban areas, traffic, industrial pollution, old paint and other factors can leave dangerous levels of lead in your soil. While lead is no longer used in gasoline or paint, it can stay behind causing contamination in your soil. In soil that has high lead levels, it is possible for lead to be taken up by plants that homeowners intend to eat. Lead in the soil can also be dangerous for small children who play outside and who may ingest dirt.

We provide the soil testing Chicago residents want to provide safety and peace of mind. If lead is found, we can perform remediation to remove the toxic substances and make your home safer.

Lead Paint Mitigation and Abatement

Many older homes have lead paint somewhere. This paint, if it chips or wears away, can become a household hazard. We perform the lead paint removal Chicago homeowners trust. If lead is detected, we can help you explore lead paint mitigation and abatement options that can eliminate the danger. Our IDPH licenses ensure that we can do the job safely and thoroughly to keep you and your family safe.

Asbestos Inspections and Abatement

Asbestos was used in a number of older buildings for roofing shingles, ceiling tiles, flooring, insulation and other purposes. If asbestos is whole and undisturbed, it does not present a danger. However, if an asbestos feature has become chipped or worn or if you need to do remodeling that will disturb asbestos, professional abatement is necessary. Asbestos, when airborne, can cause a number of health issues. We are trained and certified in asbestos removal and can ensure that your home is safe.

We have many years experience handling environmental contracting concerns in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Get in touch now for help with the above and other needs.