Located 30 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, Buffalo Grove, IL is a vibrant community of more than 41,000 people. Founded in 1846, the city is home to a number of attractions and festivals, including the Buffalo Grove Community Arts Center and the Buffalo Grove Invitational Fine Arts Festival, which welcomes over 30,000 visitors every July. Axis Response Group proudly offers a variety of services ranging from sand blasting and mold testing to environmental permits and soil disposal compliance near Buffalo Grove, IL.

Sandblasting and Cleanup

Sandblasting is a quick, effective way to prepare a surface for painting. Its biggest downside is that it creates several different types of harmful waste, including grit waste and paint chips, which can spread pollutants and compromise the local water supply if not carefully contained and removed upon project completion. Thus, it’s essential that you hire experts trained in preparation and environmental cleanup.

Proper waste containment includes covering grit piles, using containment doors and ventilation for indoor blasting, and employing tarps or other screening structures for outdoor blasting. All of these steps help to prevent the spread of grit across the property. If the grit waste contains toxic components (i.e. paint chips with anti-fouling agents), it could be classified as hazardous materials and require disposal according to state and federal regulations.

Environmental Permits

Local and federal regulations dictate what can and can’t be done on a particular property. Whether you’re involved in construction, digging, installation, production, or waste disposal, the right permits are needed in order to be in compliance. In Illinois, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers permits for properties and businesses via the state bureaus of land, air, and water.

Some permits are granted for specific projects, and others are general permits that cover a variety of tasks. The Illinois EPA is responsible not just for permit approval but also evaluation and enforcement, the former of which is handled by certified authorities via on-site visits and testing. To ensure regulatory compliance and avoid construction or production interruption, you need the experts at Axis Response Group on your side.

Mold Testing

Mold spores are everywhere, and when they interact with water in your home, either via a leaky pipe or a recent flood, bad things can happen – especially if the water is in a part of your house with high humidity. Our professional team can help you detect and remove mold, and take steps to prevent its return. We use the latest removal techniques to ensure that any mold we find in your home is dead from the roots up. Then we assist with ventilation, moisture removal, and waterproofing to confirm your house remains mold-free.

Mold is ubiquitous. Some molds can be seen, while others are invisible to the eye but not the respiratory system. Professional mold removal ensures that all mold, seen and unseen, is completely removed from your home so that your family’s health and your property’s value are well-protected.

For a top-rated, environmentally-focused mold removal and sand blasting company serving Buffalo Grove, IL, choose Axis Response Group.